DAS Gregorian chant, paleography and semiology

The DAS in Gregorian chant, paleography and semiology is aimed at musicians and musicologists who already have a degree in music, who are looking for specialist training and qualification focused on obtaining the skills necessary to analyze and interpret documents related to the musical-liturgical repertoires of the western tradition of Christian chant. The DAS also aims to provide the practical and artistic tools necessary to deal with conducting and interpreting the Gregorian musical repertoire.

Admission criteria

  • Possession of a musical qualification (Bachelor, Master or equivalent)
  • Passing a test and an interview

In exceptional cases, candidates who do not possess the requisite qualifications may be admitted on the strength of their portfolio. 


The course takes place over 4 semesters

Total university credits 40 ECTS.

Qualification achieved

SUPSI Diploma of Advanced Studies in Gregorian chant, paleography and semiology

Registration deadline

31 August