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Conaservatorio della
Svizzer italiana
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CH-6900 Lugano

tel. +41 (0)91 960 30 47
fax +41 (0)91 960 30 41
email: Hernando Florez


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Finding a place to live in Lugano is not an easy task, as the housing market is quite busy. This requires from the student a big effort and a lot of dedication. The housing service will help students finding the best housing solution possible, but it will be the student’s responsibility to follow all the leasing procedures. 

In general terms, the following conditions apply to leasing contracts in Switzerland:

1. Leasing contracts have a duration of at least 1 year, and they renew automatically unless explicitly expressed. The contract cancellation should be submitted by letter 3 months prior to the renewal deadline, otherwise the tenant is required to find a replacement

2. Tenants are asked to pay for a safety deposit equivalent to 2 or 3 months of rent, that should be paid prior to the contract signature, together with the first month of rent. The safety deposit will be given back to the tenant when the contract is cancelled, if the apartment is left in good condition

3. The rent is generally paid before the end of the month for the next month (i.e. you pay 1 month in advance)

4. The number of people that can live in an apartment should never be higher than the number of rooms[1] the apartment has. For example, a 3 room apartment should never have more than 3 people living in it

5. Playing musical instruments is not always allowed, and if so, practice hours are always explicitly expressed in the contract

Having these conditions in mind, we suggest students to follow the suggestions indicated in this section. Should any questions arise, or if you would like to know if any special offers are available, please contact the housing service.


Advert websites

In order to facilitate the apartment search, we suggest to give a look at the following websites:


Near the Conservatorio

The neighbourhoods that are nearest to the Conservatorio are: Lugano-Besso, Sorengo, Breganzona and Massagno. Easily reachable by bus are: Lugano-Centro, Molino Nuovo e Pregassona.

Students who do not have a car and who are willing to find lodging outside the Lugano area should always pay attention to public transportation schedules. Information may be found in the following websites:

1. Busses in Lugano:
2. Regional busses:
3. Lugano - Ponte Tresa railway:
4. Swiss trains:


Average prices

Based on the number of rooms, average rent prices can be described as follow:

• Studio flat: > CHF 650.-

• 2 rooms: > CHF 950.-

• 2 1/2 rooms: > CHF 1200.-

• 3 1/2 rooms: > CHF 1500.-

• 4 ½ rooms: > CHF 2000.-

[1] In Ticino, the word “rooms” (locali) doesn’t necessarily mean bedrooms. It may also refer to living room, dining room, etc. It’s always good to ask for specifications.