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Bibliotecario: Carlo Quirici
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Biblioteca - III piano
onservatorio della
Svizzera italiana
via Soldino 9 CH-6900 Lugano

tel. +41 (0)91 960 30 51
fax +41 (0)91 960 30 41
email: Carlo Quirici
Biblio-Mediateca "Fabio Schaub"
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Fabio Schaub Multimedia Library

The Library of the Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana provides access to its holdings and advice on search methods and on finding data and information.

The Library and its services are open to all Swiss residents. The CSI directorate may also grant access to persons living abroad, on receipt of a properly documented request. Requests to borrow library material can only be made within the library itself. Regulations.

The Library’s holdings consist principally of the following:

  • printed music: printed editions of music (scores, parts, etc.) from the principal instrumental repertoire of the western musical tradition
  • historical musicological literature
  • analytical musicological literature
  • sound recordings (CDs) and video recordings (DVDs)



The upper floor of the Centro San Carlo houses a mediatheque whose use is reserved exclusively for the students and teaching staff of the Conservatorio. Students and teaching staff of the CSI and SMUS teaching staff are free to work at the computers, accessing the network by keying in a password. Anyone interested in using this service should contact Salvatore Abate in the CSI secretarial office during the office opening hours.