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Resp. Nadir Vassena
Uff 411

Conservatorio della
Svizzera italiana
via Soldino 9
CH-6900 Lugano
tel. +41 (0)91 960 30 45
fax +41 (0)91 960 30 41
email: Nadir Vassena

Master of Arts in Composition and Theory

Nadir Vassena  - Giovanni Verrando

Guest faculty
Guest faculty will be invited by the Conservatory during the academic year.
Present and past two years guests: Mauro Lanza, Johannes Schöllhorn, Jérôme Combier, Harrison Birtwistle, Eric Oña, Andrea Valle, Sylviane Sapir, Gianluca Capuano, Marc Kissóczy, among the othersamong the others...

Co-projects and Productions
Students will be involved in the creation of music in many domains such as visual art, dance
and theatre; the works will be performed in international festivals and in swiss productions.

- Klassenarbeit 2014/2015 ensemble recherche
- Museo archeologico multimediale, Santo Stefano al mare
- Neon&Caffeine (2014-2015)
- Festival Oggimusica
- Ensemble Laboratorium
- Ateneo Veneto di Venezia
- Radio Svizzera italiana, “900presente” concerts
among the others...

Concerts featuring the students’ compositions will be performed by Conservatory ensemble and special guests of the Conservatory.

Seminars will be organized in order to teach and master composition software as PWGL, Supercollider and MAX MSP among the others.

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