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Hubert Eiholzer, resp.
Massimo Zicari, vice resp.
Cinzia Cruder
Giulia Nuti
Paolo Paolantonio
Hernando Florez

Conservatorio della
Svizzera italiana
Palazzina DR
via Canevascini 5
CH-6900 Lugano

tel. +41 (0)91 960 30 57
fax +41 (0)91 960 30 41
email: Hubert Eiholzer

Research and development

The Department of Research and Development of the Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana was founded in 2000 as a strategic priority of the University of Music. Since then it has been active in promoting initiatives and projects that span the various departments of the University.

The department’s activities fall into three main categories:

  • Production: the development of research projects that, as well as being of interest to the University of Music, have a significant impact at the international level
  • Dissemination: the propagation of the findings of the research world within the University through seminars, meetings and workshops, with the aim of involving students and teachers by integrating such findings into musical practice
  • Teaching: the supervision of final BA and MA projects that involve a research component, as well as developing a support programme for young researchers

For further information, see the department’s own website