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Nadir Vassena, Uff 411

Conservatorio della
Svizzera italiana
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email: Nadir Vassena


Spazio21 it has been created to co-ordinate and stimulate interdisciplinary activities, especially in the area of contemporary composition. As well as ongoing activities, such as the “900presente” season, it organises thematic events in partnership with Oggimusica, historic ticinese association, “Musica negli horti” Festival, Ensemble Laboratorium, and many others.

Particular emphasis is given to the introduction and use of technology, in both purely musical and interdisciplinary contexts. This is achieved in collaboration with other institutions (IRMus/Milano, NABA/Milano).

Projects by Spazio21 involve students and teachers. Starting from Autumn 2013 a new production called “Neon&Caffeine” has been run: it regards a series of concert-documentary about people coming from several domain not necessarily linked to the music.

Info and contacts:

Nadir Vassena

Paola Elia, responsable for productions