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The Council

The Council has the following functions:

  • it oversees the activities of the Foundation and approves the annual accounts and the management report;

  • it nominates the auditing body;

  • it nominates members of the Committee in cases provided for by art. 14 of the statute;

  • it discharges the Committee;

  • it approves, on the recommendation of the Committee, the regulations that govern the organisation, the operational methods, the responsibilities and the competences of the schools.

The Council, on the recommendation of the Committee, discusses and approves the strategy of the CSI. 


The Committee

General responsibilities:

  • it is responsible for the strategy of the Foundation and represents it to third parties;

  • it has the power to deliberate and decide upon all matters that are not specifically attributed inalienably by law to the Council;

  • it is responsible for the general supervision of the Foundation.

Strategy / Regulations

  • it formulates strategic objectives (as far as is compatible with available financial resources), monitors their realisation and provides the necessary structures;

  • it decides on the organisation of the CSI, aside from matters pertaining to the Council;

  • it approves the schools’ appointment regulations;

  • it signs or approves any agreements with other institutions, private firms or public offices that involve a significant financial outlay for the CSI.

Finances / Appointments

  • it approves the budget, the development plan and the relative financial plan;

  • it discusses the summary accounts and refers them to the appropriate authorities;

  • it appoints the senior staff (the members of the directorate of the Foundation, among them the director general, the directors of the schools, the vice-director of the SUM and those in charge of the various departments) and establishes their salaries and their areas of responsibility, guaranteeing them reasonable executive autonomy;

  • it handles relations (contracts and/or services mandates) with the Canton and the Confederation directly and/or through SUPSI, as well as direct relations with SUPSI;

  • it approves salary regulations for teaching and non-teaching personnel;

  • it considers investment projects that involve a significant financial outlay;

  • it makes decisions about methods of attracting private funding.


  • it acts as an appeal body in matters of assessment and dispute.