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Christoph Brenner

Christoph Brenner earned a degree in violin (with Françoise Zöldy-Pfister) and in viola (with Christoph Schiller). He continued his studies with Christoph Schiller at the Musik-Akademie Basel (Concert diploma) and with Piero Farulli at Scuola di Musica di Fiesole. He attended diverse masterclasses, for example with Bruno Giuranna and Hatto Beyerl and studied chamber music with Walter Levin at the Basel Music Academy. In addition to his musical studies he received a Masters degree in History at the University of Basel (with Markus Mattmüller) and in Italian Philology.
After several years of intense activity in chamber music, music education, orchestral and solo performance, he was appointed teacher of viola and chamber music at the Conservatorio della Svizzera italiana. In 1999 he became Director General of the same institute. 
For nearly ten years, until 2009, he was a member of the Foundation Board and afterwards the Experts commission (Fachkommission) of the Swiss Music Competition for Youth.
In March 2010 he was elected President of the Swiss Conference of Universities of Music, having already been member and coordinator of diverse internal commissions (QM, Music Pedagogy).
In his spare time he participates in activities such as being an expert for national and international musical competitions.

Roberto Valtàncoli

Roberto Valtàncoli has university formations both in humanities and managerial fields.

He was made a director of the CSI in 2004 with specific responsibilities in HR (with over 200 employees), Logistic, Advanced Studies and Specialisation courses, Services provided.  

For over a decade has developed and carried out successful multitasking projects. From 2010 he has set up and managed the Master of Advanced studies SUPSI in Cultural management.