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From acorn to oak tree

1985 Armin Brenner founds the Accademia di Musica della Svizzera Italiana.

1988 Its diplomas are recognised both within the canton and by other cantons. The Conservatorio becomes a member of the Conferenza dei Direttori dei Conservatori Svizzeri (Association of Directors of Swiss Conservatoires).

1992 The Conservatorio collaborates for the first time with the Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana.

1995 The first youth orchestra of the Conservatorio’s School of Music is founded. Today there are three that perform regularly in Switzerland and Italy. In 2005 the Conservatorio’s youth orchestras were invited to perform in Paris and the United States.

1998 The Conservatorio moves to the Centro San Carlo.

1999 The Fondazione Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana replaces the former Associazione del Conservatorio. It begins the process of transformation into a University of Music, in accordance with the recent law concerning Professional University and the associated provision for University of Music. The Pre-professional department is created. The first “Novecento e Presente” (The Twentieth Century and the Present) season is organised in collaboration with Rete Due (Network 2, one of the channels of the Radio della Svizzera Italiana), which arouses significant interest in the music of the last century.

2000 The Conservatorio is provisionally recognised as a University of Music. Its Department of Research and Development is founded.

2002 The Department of Services and Postgraduate Degrees is founded. The Conservatorio becomes a founding and committee member of the Konferenz Musikhochschulen Schweiz (Association of Swiss Music Colleges).

2003 The introduction of the conducting diploma for contemporary music. The first exchanges of students and teachers through the European Union’s “Erasmus” project. The first collaboration between the Conservatorio, the Scuola Teatro Dmitri and SUPSI’s Department of Environment, Constructions and Design in a production of Jean Cocteau’s Les Mariés de la tour Eiffel. Collaboration with London’s Royal College of Music on “Mastery through Imitation”, the first research project at the Conservatorio to be funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation and by the Federal Office for Professional Training and Technology.

2004 The Conservatorio wins the prestigious Lily Wäckerlin “Jugend und Musik” prize awarded by the Accentus Foundation in Zürich for a project in elementary music education.

2005 The Conservatorio attains full recognition as a University of Music and the Gran Consiglio of the Canton of Ticino approves its affiliation to SUPSI (University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland). The Conservatorio embarks on its new “Bologna” BA degree.

2006 The Conservatorio’s University of Music is affiliated to SUPSI.

2008 Completion of the first BA degrees. The new Bologna MA degree gets under way. The Conservatorio is restructured internally, so that its three schools (University of Music, Pre-professional, School of Music) acquire greater autonomy within the larger structure of the Foundation.