DAS Music Pedagogy

The course is aimed at all those who have completed instrumental/vocal training and now want to improve their knowledge of teaching and methodologies related to teaching a musical instrument or singing. The curriculum includes a series of group lessons, a practical work placement, and the preparation and completion of a final written work.
The qualification obtained does not permit teaching in public schools.

Admission criteria

  • Possession of a musical qualification (Bachelor, Master or equivalent)
  • Passing an instrumental test (performance of approx 15 minutes of two different composers from different periods)
  • Passing a teaching test (lesson with beginner or intermediate pupil for a total duration of 30 minutes)
  • Passing an aptitude interview¬†¬†


The course takes place over 4 semesters

Total university credits 40 ECTS.

Qualification achieved

SUPSI Diploma of Advanced Studies in Music Pedagogy

Registration deadline

31 March