Spazio 21

Spazio21 coordinates and produces interdisciplinary projects and activities mainly related to contemporary works. Recent projects have taken many different forms and have been organised mainly in cycles: for example Lanterna Rossa (2010-2013) and Neon&Caffeine (2013-2015).

In addition to the ten year partnership with Oggimusica – the long-established Ticino association for the promotion of new music – Spazio21 actively collaborates with other SUPSI departments (particularly with the Department of Business Economics, Health and Social Care DEASS) in creating interdisciplinary projects.

Particular attention is paid to the introduction and use of technology, and this is why, in partnership with Luganomusica and LAC, the academic year 2016-2017 saw EAR (Electro acoustic room), a series of concerts dedicated to electroacoustic music.

A platform ( is currently being developed to make available software and teaching materials produced by partners and students.


Nadir Vassena

Head of Spazio21