Hubert Eiholzer

Vice Director and Head of Research and International Relations

Hubert joined the Conservatorio della Svizzera italiana in 2000 to create and lead the Department of Research and Development and to support the Conservatorio in its transformation from regional conservatoire to a fully accredited University of Music. In 2001 he was appointed Vice-Director of the University. In 2009 he was appointed head of the Axis of Artistic Research within the SUPSI. 

In addition to developing a multi-disciplinary research department focussed on scientifically addressing topics relevant to the teaching and practice of music and its impact on society, Hubert has made essential contributions to many aspects of the school’s life, such as the implementation of the new Bachelors and Master’s degrees, defining learning outcomes, establishing ERASMUS exchanges, setting up the student office, and instituting professional fundraising.

Currently Hubert’s is focussed on developing the area of Community Music, international partnerships and the recently launched multi-disciplinary Master of Arts in Artistic Research, jointly offered with the Accademia Teatro Dimitri and linked to the SUPSI Axis in Artistic Research.


As an active member of the Association Européenne des Conservatoires (AEC), Hubert made contributions to key projects impacting the music university landscape across Europe, such as developing the learning outcomes for AEC accredited BA and MA programmes, developing a profile for European doctoral programs in music and music research within higher music education. In 2004 he was elected to the AEC Board, and in 2010 he was elected AEC Vice-President. 

Hubert served for several years as a board member of the Theatre Academy Dimitri, and is currently President of that school’s Advisory Board. He is also a board member of the foundation Swiss Centre for Computer and in 2017 was appointed Expert Advisor for Music in High Schools for the Department of Education of the Canton of Ticino.

Born in the central Swiss canton of Lucerne, Hubert pursued both academic and musical studies, earning a Licence és Lettres and a PhD in Philosophy as well as a degree in piano performance teaching. 

Past projects

Reviews Reviewed: Examining the Validity of Aesthetic Judgements in Criticism of Recorded Music, last updated on October 31, 2013.


Collaborative projects

Art for ages, last updated on January 20, 2015.

Reviews Reviewed: Examining the Validity of Aesthetic Judgements in Criticism of Recorded Music, last updated on October 31, 2013.

Effectiveness of Fitness training and Yoga training on musicians’ health and wellbeing, last updated on October 31, 2013.