"Pasculli 100": oboe performance practice and repertoire in 19th Century. The sources, the instruments, the contexts

Lugano, Conservatorio della Svizzera italiana, Aula Magna
20-22 September 2024

The University School of Music of the Conservatorio della Svizzera italiana is pleased to announce a symposium that aims to explore some of the main aspects of nineteenth-century performance practice by comparing historical and theoretical knowledge on the one hand, and practical needs on the other. At the centre of the symposium is the figure of Antonino Pasculli (Palermo, 1842 - 1924), an oboist and composer from Palermo whose death anniversary falls in 2024. Starting with some of his compositions and his unpublished Raccolta progressiva, the symposium will touch on important issues related to the praxis of the 19th-century Italian repertoire for oboe and wind ensemble, which was profoundly linked to contemporary operatic culture. Of particular interest will be the possibility of transferring knowledge of operatic vocal practice to the instrumental repertoire in a context dominated by bel canto culture (Zicari, 2022). In fact, while much has been written on instrumental music and the interpretative codes related to it, with particular reference to the oboe (Haynes, 2001), and a strong interest has been registered on the front of the historically informed interpretation of symphonic works (Elliot Gardiner and Roger Norrington, among others), the 19th-century Italian instrumental repertoire has not been the subject of attention comparable to that dedicated to the corresponding German symphonic repertoire, or to the instrumental repertoire of the 17th and 18th centuries.

The symposium will be of particular interest to oboists, but all researchers and performers of 19th century music are cordially invited.

Languages of the symposium: Italian and English


Friday 20 September 2024 


Welcome and Keynote Address

Anna Tedesco, University of Palermo
Antonio Pasculli in the Italian musical context of the mid-19th century

Massimo Zicari, Conservatorio della Svizzera italiana
Performance practices in the 19th century: sources and problems for interpretation

Franco Cesarini
The 19th century symphonic band repertoire in modern editions: between Werktreue and practical issues

18.00 Apero

Saturday 21 September 2024

Alfredo Bernardini, Mozarteum University Salzsburg
Italian virtuoso oboists before Pasculli

Geoffrey Burgess, Eastman School of Music Philadelphia
Pasculli’s music in the context of 19th-century developments to the oboe

Omar Zoboli, Conservatorio della Svizzera italiana
Pasculli as a teacher at the Palermo Conservatory: considerations on his Raccolta Progressiva di scale e melodie, in 3 parti

Giovanni P. Di Stefano, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
19th-Century Oboes in Museum Collections: Perspectives and Research Methodologies

Workshop: The 19th-century oboe, its construction and technique

Round table: Conducting field investigation on woodwind instruments, musical idioms and performance practices. A tribute to Bruce Haynes



Sunday 22 September 2024

Rachel Becker, Boise State University Idaho
Virtuosity and genre norms in opera fantasias for oboe

Costantino Mastroprimiano, Perugia Conservatory
Tempo rubato in 19th-century chamber music repertoire

Renato Meucci, Accademia Naz. di Santa Cecilia, Roma
The diapason in Italy in the second half of the 19th century

Workshop: The 19th-century repertoire for oboe and for woodwind instruments: interpretation and performance practice.


Scientific Board

Omar Zoboli (Conservatorio della Svizzera italiana)
Massimo Zicari (Conservatorio della Svizzera italiana)
Anna Tedesco (Università of Palermo)
Giovanni Paolo Di Stefano (Rijksmuseum Amsterdam)


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