The activities

Symphony Orchestra 

The University of Music of the Conservatorio della Svizzera italiana has a Symphony Orchestra made up of the best students studying for Bachelor's, Master’s degrees, Advanced Studies courses, and graduate professionals who are now specializing. Over the last few years the Orchestra has tackled some of the greatest masterpieces of the symphonic repertoire, both in Switzerland and abroad. 

900presente Season

The 900presente Season, created by Giorgio Bernasconi in 1999 and a direct daughter of the Ticino tradition of opening up to the musical avant-garde, was born as a co-production between the Conservatorio della Svizzera italiana and Rete Due of the RSI.
All information on the current edition and past seasons can be found on the website


Spazio21 coordinates and implements interdisciplinary projects and activities related above all to contemporary creation.
The initiatives of the past years have taken various forms and were mainly organized in the form of cycles: for example, Lanterna Rossa (2010-2013) and Neon & Caffeine (2013-2015).


The String and Wind Ensemble are made up of 30/40 elements, students but also professionals who have already graduated and are specializing. In recent years the ensembles have faced significant masterpieces of the chamber repertoire producing in Switzerland and abroad and working under the direction of world-famous teachers.

The Choir is made up of around 35-50 students (depending on the type of project) from the various courses of the University of Music and is also open to outsiders. The activities of the Choir offer students the opportunity to discover a very varied and interesting repertoire. Since 2010 the Choir has been conducted by Mark Kölliker.