Research and Development Department


The Research and Development Department (DRS) works in the field of Artistic Research. It is committed to contributing to the development of new knowledge and its application in musical practice, with particular focus on composition, pedagogy and performance.

Concept of Artistic Research

By Artistic Research, the DRS means a stand-alone field of research, of which the distinguishing features include:

  • the general aim of promoting the role of the arts in society
  • a strong focus on application
  • the use of every scientific means - knowledge and methodologies specific to each field of research, social sciences, natural sciences and humanities, technology - that support its general objective.

Artistic Research in Music is usually collaborative and brings together musicians and researchers from different scientific disciplines.

Current activities

Current areas of interest include

  • the historical contextualization of musical works
  • music in communities
  • the health and well-being of musicians

In each of these areas, researchers not only contribute to the development of knowledge, but also exchange knowledge with musicians, through seminars and presentations both inside and outside of the University of Music. 

Relationship with the SUPSI

The R&D Department is an active part of the SUPSI 7th strategic research axis, in which it develops interdisciplinary research projects for the benefit of the local area.

New generations

The field of Artistic Research can only flourish if it has the opportunity to train and develop the new generation. This is why the DRS, together with the Accademia Teatro Dimitri, has developed a new Master of Arts in Artistic Research. The programme is aimed at graduates from the visual and performing arts who wish to expand their knowledge and their technical and methodological skills in order to independently develop research relevant to their own objectives, as well as graduates in academic disciplines whose research may be based on a greater understanding of artistic practice. The Master’s also seeks to prepare those students who intend to continue with advanced professional or academic research (PhD).