Gender & Diversity Service

The Gender & Diversity Service wishes to raise awareness of the fact that diversity between women and men is an asset that should not be hierarchized because one gender is superior or inferior to the other simply because it is different.

Through its projects, this service aims to open up a greater number of choices in the field of education, and in professional and family environments to both women and men, thus breaking down the cultural stereotypes linked to gender and other related aspects: age, origins, habits and abilities.

The service aims to integrate gender issues and focus on Diversity throughout the school; to make it possible to reconcile training and/or professional activities with family commitments; and to achieve a fairer representation of female and male students in all degree courses; to promote non-discriminatory professional life careers within SUPSI and to achieve a fairer representation of both genders in the various hierarchical levels, as well as to raise awareness in the academic community and the general population of gender, generational, disability and cultural issues.

The service representative for the University School of Music acts as a link between CSI and SUPSI staff, and is available for advice, information or suggestions relating to the service's activities or projects or for reporting sexist discrimination or attitudes.


More information of the Gender & Diversity Service (Italian version)

Code of Conduct (Italian version)




Support Desk
Alexandra Rossini 
+41 91 960 30 55

Individual psychological support
Anna Maggetti Jolidon
+ 41 91 826 31 88

SUM students and staff can also contact, by appointment, the:

SUPSI Counselling and Psychological Help Desk c/o SUPSI-DEASS
Stabile Piazzetta
Via Violino 11
6928 Manno
+41 58 666 61 54