Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS)

Contemporary Repertoire Conducting


The Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Contemporary Repertoire Conducting is a continuing education specialization (post-diploma degree) aimed at musicians who intend to study the conducting technique, theory and performance practice of the repertoire from the XX and XXI centuries. 

The course is held by Arturo Tamayo.


The duration is 1 year (2 semesters).


Applications are to be submitted by August 31.
The course has an application fee of CHF 150; copy of payment must be attached to the admissions dossier.
Audition examinations usually take place on the second half of September.

Repertoire 2019-2020

(details may change)

Audition examination 14 September 2019

Igor Stravinsky Le sacre du printemps (2 pianos): "Glorification de l'élue" and "Danse sacrale“

1st Session 14,15 September 2019

Igor Stravinsky Le sacre du printemps (2 pianos)

2nd Session 26,27 October 2019

Karlheinz Stockhausen Kreuzspiel 

3rd Session 23,24 November 2019

Béla Bartók Divertimento per archi

4th Session 7,8 December 2019

Alban Berg Orchesterstücke op.6 (pianos/8 hands, transcr. Berg)

5th Session 11,12 January 2020

Arnold Schönberg Ode to Napoleon

6th Session 15,16 February 2020

Pierre Boulez Le Marteau sans maître (I, II, IV, VII, VIII)

7th Session 21,22 March 2020

Pierre Boulez Le Marteau sans maître (III, V, VI, IX)

8th Session 18,19 April 2020

Luciano Berio Différences 

9th Session and Exam 16,17 May 2020

program to be defined


(subject to change)


10.00-13.00 Theory

14.00-17.00, 18.00-21.00 Conducting


9.00-14.00 Conducting


The course is structured in 9 sessions that usually take place between September and June, from Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon. 
Each session includes rehearsal sessions with the ensemble and the theoretical and analytical study of the repertoire.

The course leads to the acquisition of 10 ECTS credits, divided as follows:

  • Ensemble Conducting 6 ECTS
  • Conducting Theory 4 ECTS

Admissions criteria

Candidates may be admitted if they meet the following criteria:

  • have finished a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree
  • have submitted a complete application dossier
  • have been evaluated positively at the video-audition: 2 videos, one of which with a repertoire of the XX-XXI century, for a total duration of at least 15 minutes, have to be sent via web-link together with the application dossier.

A maximum of 6 students per year are admitted to the course.


The course costs CHF 5’200, that correspond to the following fees:

  • Fee per semester CHF 2'100
  • One-off registration fee CHF 250
  • Administration fee per semester CHF 250
  • Final exam fee CHF 250


At the end of their studies, participants will receive a Certificate of Advanced Studies SUPSI in Contemporary Repertoire Conducting diploma, under the condition that they:

  • have acquired all required ECTS credits;
  • have successfully sit the final examination that consists in the concertation and conducting session;
  • have paid the costs.

The University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI) and the titles that it awards are recognized by the Federal Government according to the law relating to Professional University Schools, 2 October 1995 and subsequent revisions.
This title is not a professional qualification and does not qualify holders to teach in public schools in Switzerland.


Participants must observe the Study Regulations of the University of Music. The University of Music reserves itself the right not to open the course in particular circumstances.

Suspending or terminating

During their studies, participants may suspend or terminate their studies.


Carlo Ciceri

Head of Continuing Education