Chamber Music Guide

During the academic year, students must work on a number of pieces that corresponds to the ECTS of their study programme. As a rule, this corresponds to at least 2 different chamber music pieces per academic year, provided that the pieces are not deemed to be of a level below the ensemble's capabilities. In this case, a larger number of pieces may be imposed.

There are two ways in which lessons are delivered:

  • Participation in a specific seminar
  • Lessons with SUM Professors

Participation in a specific seminar

At the beginning of the year, students can register for one of the seminars dedicated to chamber music. In addition to giving the lectures, the lecturers will supervise the organisation of the groups and the organisation of the final concert. 

Lessons with SUM Professors

In this case, it is the student's responsibility to organise their own chamber music ensemble(s), register them with the Heads of Studies, and organise the lessons with the Professors.

Registering a chamber music ensemble
Chamber music ensembles are to be registered using a dedicated form - available in the teaching secretariat or online - on which the following data are required:

  1. Name, surname, instrument and course of study of all group members, one of whom must be indicated as the ensemble coordinator.
  2. Full title of the piece you wish to play, together with the full name of the composer (with dates of birth and death).
  3. Professor(s) you wish to work with. One of the Professors must take on the responsibility of ensemble co-ordinator. The Professors must sign the form.

The form must be handed in to the Heads of Studies or to the teaching secretary's office.

The form is available at the following link:



Lesson hours
The forms must be submitted to the Heads of Studies who allocate the lesson hours, normally between 8 and 12 hours depending on the difficulty of the piece. Only in exceptional cases may extra hours be allocated.

Once approval has been obtained from the Heads of Studies, the student in charge of the ensemble coordinates rehearsals and lessons with the Professor(s).


Obtaining credits

A prerequisite for the awarding of credits is—in addition to individual study, ensemble rehearsals and participation in lessons—the complete performance of the piece, usually in the form of a public concert. The seminar lecturers or the Professors responsible for the ensembles coordinate the specific assessment procedures with the Heads of Studies.

Organisational aspects

  • For each piece, the choice of edition must not be random. It may be an element that will have a strong impact on the final assessment. We therefore recommend the use of “Urtext” editions.
  • The score—of which each member of the ensemble must have a copy—and the detached parts must be from the same edition.
  • Please remember that tuning, positioning of the ensemble, choice of instrument (e.g. piano), among others, are decisive elements for the final judgement.
  • The choice of ensemble members is of paramount importance and should be done with the utmost care.