At the beginning of their academic life students must make their matriculation to the Swiss university system official.

Unless otherwise specified, the following documents must be submitted to the secretary office:

  • Original study certificate (diploma)
  • ASUP form (in German, French, or English) duly filled, signed and completed with the necessary attachments (for Swiss and resident foreign students who are covered by the ASUP inter-cantonal agreement)

The original qualification certificate (or alternative diploma certificate) will be stamped with the Swiss matriculation number, after which it will be recorded and immediately returned. The Swiss matriculation number is used to identify the student within the Swiss University system; it is unique and personal.

IMPORTANT: students who have already been matriculated in another Swiss university, or University of applied sciences and arts, must bring the Ex-matriculation certificate issued by the institution in which they last studied. Failure to bring this document may prevent the school from enrolling the student.

Foreign students who are covered by the inter-cantonal ASUP agreement

Generally, students of Swiss nationality residing in Switzerland or abroad, as well as foreigners who have been living in Switzerland for at least 24 months and who have not been in education and who have been independent, are covered by the ASUP inter-cantonal agreement.

Further information is available on the website of the Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education (available only in Italian, German, or French).



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