Proposed study plan

At the beginning of each academic year, students must propose a personal study plan using the form provided by the Academic Services Office, which should state both compulsory and optional classes that the student wishes to attend.
The proposal is initially submitted to the relevant staff (Head of study course, Academic Services Office) for pre-screening and, after any amendments have been made, must be filed with the Academic Services Office by the specified deadline.
A separate panel will consider the proposal and, if necessary, suggest changes to the plan for teaching purposes.
The student will receive the final approved study plan before the start of scheduled classes.

University record book

The university record book is a personal document in which credits are recorded for the various courses and seminars at the Conservatorio della Svizzera italiana and is given to each student on matriculation. It is the student's responsibility to complete the booklet and keep it in good order.

At the end of each individual course or seminar, the booklet must be signed by the lecturer to indicate that the course has been successfully completed (see attendance requirements and exams/tests at the end of the course). At the end of the academic year, the record book will be given to the Academic Services Office for courses successfully completed to be recorded and credits allocated.

No credits will be allocated without the signature of the lecturer.


Academic Services Office