Study grants

The main scholarships to which the students of the University of Music of the Conservatorio della Svizzera italiana have access are:

  • ESKAS Federal Scholarships: these are awarded by the ESKAS commission, which issues scholarships to foreign students from a list of countries established by the Confederation. The application is submitted to the Swiss Embassy of the student's place of origin.
  • CSI - SUM Scholarships: the CSI - SUM establishes annual scholarship amounts and promotes detailed announcements. Information on these scholarships is available on this page during the registration period.
  • Scholarships granted by Swiss foundations and associations: Foundations operate according to their own criteria and differ according to their statutes. In addition to age limits (usually under 26), variables such as proven financial need, nationality, course of study, instrument, etc. are evaluated.

The CSI - SUM offers its students access to a confidential portal where they can find up-to-date information about the granting foundations with which the institution is in contact. There are also examples of documents that can be helpful in filling out an application for a scholarship.

Requests for special situations or individual interviews can be forwarded to the didactic secretariat (, which will send them to the appropriate persons.





Guidelines for the award of a scholarship